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e-commerce exports 48

My struggle with e-commerce exports

An in depth details explaining the pain of sellers and non-supportive government. China’s retail export through e-commerce was 1 Trillion Yuan in 2015 of which 11.5 % approximately 15 billion dollars was B2C. With...

E-commerce Multi Channel Aggregator 2

E-commerce Multi Channel Aggregator: Part1

Which Aggregator to Choose As a seller you sell on multiple marketplaces and maintain inventory across them.When you process orders you have to provide invoices and State specific compliance forms. You have to monitor...


Adventures of Virmrun: Episode 1

Introduction: Vimrun works at Ammajan and runs a madhouse for sellers. Her father is LG (Lieutenant Grover) and mother Hoshiba. She has two siblings, one sister Tikia and brother Sabun. Her current boyfriend is...